The Georgia District Attorney’s Office Is Looking Into Bogus Electoral College Certifications

by savannahman

Trump supporters in Georgia have submitted bogus Electoral College certificates, which the district attorney for such Atlanta area is investigating as part of his efforts to overturn the outcome of a 2020 presidential election. The district attorney’s office has already stated it may look into these bogus Electoral College certificates.

According to Fulton District Attorney Fani Willis, “we’re going to look into anything that has anything to do with interfering with the 2020 election.” Willis revealed this in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday. The scope of the investigation was broadened to include not only the President’s phone message that you played there, but additional evidence that there may be electoral meddling, such as the use of fictitious voters.

With addition, “this is something that my office is actively involved in,” Willis noted in a subsequent statement.

Additionally, prosecutors are looking into a conspiracy in which allies forged bogus certificates certifying Trump’s election in a slew of states and then shipped them to the National Archives in order to preserve the documents.

As Willis put it, “I have no intention of working in close conjunction with the Department of Justice.” “Almost probably, electoral fraud would be the topic of their investigation, which may have happened anywhere in this vast country. Mine is on a lot smaller size — this is a major investigation, but it is on a much smaller scale compared to others. It is only recently that I have been investigating election tampering in the county of Georgia, and much more specifically, the items that they sought in conjunction with the phone call that took place throughout my home county of Fulton County, and throughout the country of Georgia.”

DOJ Says It's Investigating Fake Electoral College Certificates That Falsely Claimed Trump Won

Willis’ investigation has been forwarded to a special jury trial, which was convened early Monday to begin hearing testimony. The fact that the more than 50 people declined to speak to her investigator, despite her unwillingness to reveal the identities of a witnesses she plans to call to testify, was revealed in a statement released by the attorney general. In addition, Willis stated that “we aim to commence serving them with subpoenas has soon as feasible.”

She also stated that she has been in contact with Trump’s attorneys on a regular basis to discuss the status of her investigation.

Her statement went on to say, “I have recently had communications with them, and I anticipate that we’ll have additional exchanges over the next several days.”

After Willis released new information regarding racist backlash that has received while working on the Trump investigation, the jury for such investigation was convened only hours later. It was during a period of intense public scrutiny that she made this decision.

In a statement, Willis said, “I can tell you over the last few weeks, I’ve seen featured in White nationalist sites, often with my photo and incredibly harsh language.” When things like that happen, the security officers who are in charge of protecting us are understandably concerned.

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