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by savannahman

Chatham County’s capital, Savannah, is the historic city in the country of Georgia and serves as the county seat. Georgia’s first state capital was established in Savannah in 1733 as the British colony capital of Georgia and the first nation’s capital of Georgia. Savannah, which served as a key port throughout the American Revolutionary and also the American Civil War, is now a significant industrial hub and port on the Atlantic. With a population of 147,780 according to the U.S. Census, it is Georgia’s 5 th┬álargest city. Georgia’s third-largest city, Savannah, with a population of 404,798 in 2020.

Savannah’s cobbled streets, parks, and historic buildings draw millions of tourists each year. The Georgia History Museum, the Telfair College of the Arts, the First African Christian Church, Monastery Mickve Israel, and also the National of Georgia Railway uppercut complex are all examples of these buildings.

Savannah’s downtown is one of the country’s largest Federal Historic Landmark Districts, consisting of the Savannah Historic City, 22 parklike squares, as well as the Savannah Victoria Historic District. Oglethorpe’s original town layout is mostly intact in downtown Savannah.